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We have two options.

You do it All

You download your system.
We help you set it up.
We create your Qnow™ Code.
We'll even create a marketing piece for your code.
You have your own log-in to your system.
You make any and as many changes as you need.
One Click to Publish and it's live.


We do it All

We consult on what you need.
We set everything up an create the Qnow™ Code.
You get us your information.
When you need a change, just email us.
Turnaround on changes is 24 hours max.
Your code is live.

Do-it-Yourself Option

Not only do you have total control to make as many changes as you need, it's the Least Expensive Option. After the installation and setup, just open the program on your MAC or PC, change and click. 

  • You download a Free Program (Windows or MAC) that allows you to create what you need. 
  • We set your system up on our Turbo Hosting and give you One-Click to publish capabilities.
  • We create your Qnow™ code with your Logo right in the code. You just download and print.
  • You are free to be creative and make whatever changes you need, as often as you desire. 
  • Place as many copies of each Qnow™ code as you need. When you need additional ones note our price breaks. 
  • Free consultation included, via. email. If you need additional help we use 24Meeting.com in the evenings where we can consult one on one. 
  • Includes a Free Listing in your (State)Save.com site.
  • Upgrade to the full version of Mobirise any time you like with our special, negotiated pricing for the annual fee to get more creative.

One Qnow™ Link


Per month

  • Up to 3 ea.
3 or More


Per month

  • Additional @ $7 ea.
5 or More


Per month

  • Additional @ $6 ea.
  • @10, $5 ea.

We do it all Option

Just let us know what you need and we go to work.
Email your changes and turnaround is 24 hours.

  • We have the full version of the Program above and can get a little more creative.
  • Consultation with a Ph.D. in Marketing is included via email.
  • One-on-one consultation is in the evenings via. 24Meeting.com.
One Qnow™ Link


Per month

  • Up to 3 ea.
3 or More


Per month

  • Additional @ $14 ea.
5 or More


Per month

  • Additional @ $12 ea.

And the Twist?

UBER makes the Bulk of the money...Not You.
They always get their money Off the Top!

What if there was a better way?
What if you got to keep more of the money?

What if on the same drive, Trip vs. UBER,
you make nearly DOUBLE the money with us?

About Us

BizGetter™ is a division of Smarter.Marketing® and we help you Market Smarter, not more expensively.
We offer the BEST of what's out there, and even have some incredible FREE tools and systems.

[Note the State.Save listings. We currently have 6 states and growing.]