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BizGetter is about one thing, getting you More Business.
We are going to show you how to control your Qnow™ and AppEVOLV™ systems, as well as a few other things.

So Why is this system important to Your Business?

But there is another Critical Element.


Note the links above.
We have a step by step tutorial for each system that walks you through what you do to get up and running.


This is a little more involved as you have numerous ways to make your new website Excel.
You even have the option of staying Totally Free and doing it all yourself or using one of our two plans.


Not only are our systems far superior to anything out there, they are Far Less Expensive.
For instance, there is nothing out there like Qnow™ and when it comes to AppEVOLV™, we're 1/2 the price of companies like WIX or WEEBLY.

The World is getting Smaller

Technology is always on the move. Several years ago I owned a Website company. I had the foresight to see the hand writing on the wall and realized that the newer Drag-n-Drop technology was here to stay and would take over, so I sold that company.

It took two years of evaluations to find the best of all those companies and I am happy to say I've formed a partnership with Mobirise.
This system is hands down the best and we currently have over 450 websites on it. 
Note the links, they show some of the special features that are automatically included.
Dr. Rick Mayer





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Yes, hosting is included. The reason we host is we need speed and typical hosting companies put you on a server with 100's of other companies which would cause us issues. Our servers are second to none and work with the latest Google Cloud technology.

We don't lock anyone into anything. Our service is always month to month but we require a recurring payment. There are also discounts for annual payments but anyone can cancel at any time.

In addition to this forum, we have email support for any question or concern. If something can't be handled we also have where we schedule a private session with our Zoom account, even virtually control of your computer with your permission to show you how to do different things right while you are in the session with us.

The beauty of our system is every time google, Apple, Android or any of the search engines make a change Mobirise is already on the ball and has you covered. Staying current with all the changes and updates is a major issue with other companies, we know, we were once there.
But with this service, you never worry because everything is updated behind the scenes automatically.


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BizGetter™ is a division of Smarter.Marketing® and we help you Market Smarter, not more expensively.
We offer the BEST of what's out there, and even have some incredible FREE tools and systems.

[Note the State.Save listings. We currently have 6 states and growing.]